How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Updating kitchen cabinets can improve a kitchen’s aesthetic, and installing kitchen cabinets isn’t as difficult as it may seem. When installing kitchen cabinets, the most crucial step is accurately measuring where the cabinets will be installed to ensure that the base kitchen cabinets are level and lined up with the wall kitchen cabinets. An incorrect measurement can affect the outcome of the project. Learn about steps to follow to correctly install kitchen cabinets.


The Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets is one of the most popular kitchen renovation projects. The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is usually $395-$1,234, with an average cost of $809. However, if painting the cabinets requires significant time to strip off poor surfaces, extra finish work is required, or if the space is a large kitchen, the average cost could increase $7,000. Learn about factors that impact the cost of repainting kitchen cabinets and considerations prior to starting the project.


Considerations for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets are a neutral option available in several shades, including dove gray, pearl gray, silky gray, weathered gray, and more. Plus, different shades of gray can be used for kitchen cabinets, walls, and floors to create different looks and moods. Learn about options for gray kitchen cabinets and color combinations for creating different looks.


The Cost to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

The average cost to reface kitchen cabinets is between $4,292-$9,974, with the project cost being dependent on the number of cabinets being refaced, materials, and local labor rates. Refacing kitchen cabinets involves removing cabinet doors and hardware and applying a new laminate or veneer finish, doors and drawers, and hardware as well as making minor repairs to the cabinets. Refacing kitchen cabinets is an appealing kitchen remodeling alternative due to cost savings, but it may not be the best option if existing cabinets are damaged, don’t operate well, or the kitchen needs a better layout. Refacing kitchen cabinets is more to update the look rather than functionality or overall design. Learn about the options for updating kitchen cabinets as part of a kitchen remodel and factors that impact the project cost.


Kitchen Cabinet Customizations That are Worth It

If you’re designing a brand new kitchen or working with a small budget to make your existing kitchen cabinet space more efficient, the following tips from professional organizers will help you get organized to optimize kitchen storage space and ensure all of your kitchen tools, small appliances, and other items have a place.


Things You Shouldn’t Store Under Your Kitchen Sink

The space under the kitchen sink can be a great place for storing towels, sponges, trash bags, and a fire extinguisher for emergencies. However, there are household items that shouldn't be stored under the sink because they can get damaged or be dangerous.


Home Staging Can’t Hide These Problems

Instead of trying to hide your home’s problems, you should address significant issues before putting your home on the market. Learn about problems you shouldn’t try to conceal and should consider fixing.

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