12 Ways You’re Wasting Water at Home

Beyond leaks, there are other, less obvious ways that you're probably wasting water every day. Take a look at your house and your routine to see if you're guilty of any of these common water-wasting offenses.


How To Find a Plumbing Leak

Every homeowner should know how to find a water leak. Read on for advice on determining whether you've sprung one and how to identify its location so you can nip the plumbing problem in the bud.


The Pros and Cons of Black Stainless Steel

While black stainless isn't close to toppling traditional stainless steel from the top of the major appliance scene, it's definitely on the upswing. But before ditching your white or stainless steel in favor of this up-and-comer, you're wise to consider the pros and cons of the new black finish.

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