Gas or Electric? Choose Your Next Stove Wisely

If your current stove is scorching your sauces, burning the bacon, and ruining the roast, it might be time for a replacement. We put the two types side by side—gas vs. electric stoves—to understand the key differences and decide what's right for your household.


Solved! What to Do About Yellowing Paintwork

Whether or not you can reverse the discoloration or must tackle the tinge another way depends on the cause. Read on to identify what's behind the yellowed paint in your home and learn how to restore its original color.


Your Biggest Appliance Questions, Answered

When they're operating as intended, we take our appliances for granted. But when they betray us—when they go on the fritz and send our lives into chaos—we stop and take notice, and suddenly we're filled with questions.

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