Kitchen range hoods keep smoke, fumes, and cooking oil from lingering in the air by filtering and recirculating the air or redirecting it out of your home. Range hood options include ducted and ductless versions as well as convertible range hoods that offer both ducted and ductless functionality.

Ducted range hoods, also called vented range hoods, filter kitchen air and discharge the air outdoors. These models tend to be quieter and more effective but they are more involved to install because they require ductwork. Ductless range hoods, also called recirculating range hoods, pulls air from the kitchen through a filter and recirculates it back into the room. The filters are typically made from charcoal and effectively trap grease and odors, but these models do not perform as well as ducted models. Convertible range hoods function either with or without ductwork. These units include fans and hookups to attach them to a ventilation system but they also include charcoal filters.

Factors to consider when selecting a range hood include the mounting style, hood size, and fan power. Other considerations include the additional cost for install ductwork, future renovation plans, and style options available.

Learn about the different range hoods, benefits of each, and factors to consider before purchasing.

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